Have you ever experienced a long period of time without eating?

ALERT!!     HELP!!!!! WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!!   Tomorrow (Saturday 12/10)  is one of our Christmas serving events (lunch time) and we still need about 15 volunteers.  How to Volunteer: Please respond via email, food_for_friends@hotmail.com


Do you know that feeling you get in your stomach because you’re so hungry?  Perhaps you even get a headache.  Did you know this happens every day to thousands of people right here in Chicagoland?  And the sad thing is that many of those people are children.

At Food For Friends, we believe hunger is an injustice.  Our mission clearly states how our passion drives us to serve together in order to take action.  Our mission statement reads:  “Food For Friends is  a Chicago based Christian organization that offers hands-on opportunities to provide food to those in need.”    For more about Food For Friends, please visit the “About” menu item on the top of this page.

Our latest news is we had a very successful series of Thanksgiving serving events and Blue Bag distribution events.   Check out our articles here about our serving events at the Pacific Garden Mission and at The Elgin Community Dinner.

We look forward to seeing you all at one of our upcoming serving events this December.  Select the “Events” option on our main menu above to look through our list of events.

Remember….  Pay It Forward, One Meal at a Time

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Dan Herzog

President Food For Friends and the Food for Friends 2016 Golf Planning Committee