Report: May 16th Ewing Annex Hotel Serving Event

Ewing Annex HotelFor this event Food For Friends and Lee N Eddies catering joined together as sponsors.  A small group of volunteers served over 135 plates of a delicious brunch meal on Saturday May 16th 2015 at the Ewing Annex Hotel on Clarke street in the loop, Chicago.

This facility is a low income Men’s only hotel for mostly homeless men with little or no money, or jobs.  Food For friends had six volunteers serving up friendly smiles, conversation, a warm meal, and a lot of love to these men.  We all received smiles and thank you’s in return!

We also had the opportunity to be the church to these lost souls.  Pastor Moore from ATTCOM ministries blessed the meal, and Dan Herzog gave a short message to the men, who listened keenly before lining up for the meal.

The meal included fried chicken, honey Hawaiian meatballs, pasta marinara, macaroni and cheese, red skin potatoes, almond green beans, gourmet cookies, jello and fresh baked bread and butter.   These men were hungry!! Almost all the food was consumed within an hour!

See some pictures from the event below.

Thank you for your generous donations to provide funding for this series of serving events.   We are planning to serve a total of five meals at the Ewing Annex Hotel in 2015.  The next serving event at this hotel to bless the men will be in August.  You can sign up to serve as a Food For Friends volunteer by sending us an email at

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