2015 Thanksgiving Event: ACS Group Blue Bag event

This was ACS Group’s first time serving, they built and handed out 25 FFF BLUE BAGS to two different organizations.

This Thanksgiving ACS Group participated for the first in our Blue Bag program.  We are grateful for their participation as a group of employees packed and then distributed 25 Food For Friends Blue Bags to two different organizations, WINGS and Church of the Holy Spirit.

Below is a write up of the event from Karen Stephens of ACS Group.  Karen has been a Food for Friends volunteer in the past.

“Thank you for the opportunity for our group to participate in the Blue Bag event. We had such a good time doing this and knowing we were helping so many families was such a rewarding experience and filled our hearts with such joy. We dropped off 20 bags to one organization and 5 bags to another. It’s hard to see in one of the pictures, but one volunteer even had a blue hard hat on and put the Food for Friends logo on it, very creative and fun! 

This was my first time supporting the Blue Bag Event. The big hearts of my coworkers was the reason we were able to make this such a successful event. As a team, we purchased and packed the bags. As we were packing there was such a feeling of joy around the room. We enjoyed not only coming together for others but having this opportunity of giving back to our community. Knowing we were helping those in need and that they would be able to sit around a table and enjoy this very special meal really warmed our hearts.

I personally remember sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner, telling my family how grateful and blessed I am for each of them. As we laughed and told stories, talked about the past and the future, I took a moment to reflect on what my coworkers and I did for 25 families. It was at that time, I smiled knowing that if for one day we helped a family smile, laugh, tell stories and enjoy each other and a nice dinner than we have done our jobs.

I hope and pray that each of those families can push through difficult times, stay strong and never give up. I hope they take comfort in knowing there are many people out there that care for them, whether it is people they know or complete strangers.

I do believe that as a company we found this event to be so fulfilling and believe we will all remember that we made a difference in so many lives.

Looking forward to helping again with this event as well as other events with the Food For Friends Organization. Thank you for the opportunity and for all that you do.

I think it’s safe to say you can count on us next year! “

And here is some other feedback we received from Joe D. at ACS Group who participated in the Blue Bag event.

“Helping out people in their time of need is very rewarding. We are living in a time where there are many reasons that would put a person and/or family in distress. It is a humbling experience to witness family and friends in need of help.

When you take a step back and realize that this could be you or one of your loved ones; you realize that it is important to have someone to turn to for support. I have known the struggles of some of these individuals on a personal level. I also know that to get some support provides a tremendous sense of relief for them. I look at what I have and realize that I certainly am in a better position and it would be very easy to provide and support others without feeling any major impact to me. I have never really participated in this type of event before. This was a good/easy way for me to “give back”.

When I participated in this event (blue bag) it gave me a spiritual uplift to be able to help others. I was also impressed by the willingness of others in our group to support this effort. I hope that this little token effort would take some of the pain and stress out of (the receiving families) the hands of individuals and allow them to celebrate and have a nicer holiday experience. It is important to me, very important to the families and especially important to the children of those families.”

We have included some pictures from the event.   More pictures are available on Facebook at 2015-Nov Blue Bag Events Thanks to Karen and Joe for providing us with these writeups.  We look forward to ACS Group participating again next year!

A group of ACS Group’s employees participated in a Food For Friends Blue Bag event.