Culver’s a big hit at the 2015 Pacific Garden Mission serving event

Thanks to Culver’s of Franklin Park for donating and serving frozen custard at Pacific Garden Mission this year.

When Dan Herzog called upon Culver’s of Franklin Park asking if they would participate in our serving event at Pacific Garden Mission this year, they came through big time.   While our friends love the pie we provide them for dessert every year, this year they got a special treat. Culver’s special frozen custard!!

Not only did our guests at Food for Friends enjoy the custard, but after the serving event was over all the Food for Friends did too!

Cheryl Opferman of Culver’s was there that night along with a few other Culver’s employees.  We asked Cheryl to give us a a few comments for this article.  We were interested in understanding why Culver’s chose to participate and what the experience meant to them.   Here, in Cheryl’s own words is her perspective.

“Well, Dan called me asking if we would be willing to help as the company that donated last year was unable to help this year. I felt like it was a good opportunity to do something nice and help out and be a blessing. Culver’s prides itself on being very community orientated and we alsways look for great opportunities to make a difference. Personally, I grew up in a Baptist church and went to a Baptist college. I have always heard so much about Pacific Garden Mission and have met some of the ladies who have been helped by them. I listened to the Unshackled program many times and felt personally moved to help. The General Manager, Nate Johnson agreed and so we got to work scooping. Olga Diaz and I had an amazing time serving food and custard. The volunteers seemed to genuinely care so much and wanted to go the extra mile to make there night. Hearing the ladies sing at the end really reminded me of how real God is and how he works in our life even without us realizing it sometimes.  Thanks again for the opportunity.”

A big thanks to Culver’s of Franklin Park.  We would like to encourage all FFF volunteers to stop by Culver’s next time you are in Franklin Park as a show of thanks for participating this year.

For more photos of Culver’s passing out dessert, head over to our Facebook Photo album 2015-Nov25 Pacific Garden Mission

All Volunteers - Panned Shot