2015 Thanksgiving Event: ROOTS & Church of God Holiness Blue Bag Event

50 turkeys handed out at the Church of God in Holiness, Oak Forest Illinois.

Our president, Dan Herzog, drove to Oak Forest the week before Thanksgiving to provide Blue Bags, turkeys, and other Thanksgiving related food items.   He handed everythng off to the ROOTS organization (short for “Redwood Tree Organization”) at The Church of God in Holiness, Oak Forest Illinois. Thanks to Cee Carter, Cley Thomas and Gloria Williams for organizing the event and for providing pictures.

The following article was submitted by the folks at The Church of God Holiness

Our Missionary Department holds an annual food drive event each year for families in need during the Thanksgiving Holiday.  We started the Thanksgiving Holiday food drive in 2007. At our annual event we have been able to feed fifty plus families of different nationalities.

For the last two years “Food for Friends” has donated 50 turkeys each year to the Church of God Holiness Missionary’s food drive.  Many thanks to Mr Dan Herzog for his generosity.  As the Word of God states in Matthew 25: verse 35; For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in.  

Because of the Food For Friends generous giving, the Church was able to bring life to families through God’s written word.  Mr. Herzog… again thanks for your support you will forever be in our prayers and thoughts.

For pictures of the event, please head over to our Facebook page at 2015Nov20 – ROOTS Blue Bag