2015 Christmas Event: San Miguel Luncheon

Note:  On December 5, 2015 Food For Friends volunteers found their way to San Miguel School Chicago for a Christmas serving event.  The following is a report on the event from our board member, Christina Chacon.

Food for Friends volunteers felt the love of the San Miguel community at the December 5 serving event.

The day started beautiful, sunny and warm, it seemed too good to be true, for a day in December!  I admit I felt a bit of apprehension of how this special day would unfold.  Would we have enough volunteers?  I wanted this to be a great event for San Miguel.  Would all the families of San Miguel attend the event?  Would the families enjoy the meal?  And perhaps most important for the little ones in attendance:  Would we have a visit from the North Pole?

The luncheon was schedule for noon.  Our Food For Friends volunteers arrived at 11am and we began to set up the Gym for the event.  The tables were set with balloons, we made sure food was ready, holiday music was playing, and all volunteers’ eager to serve.  Then families of San Miguel started to arrive! All were greeted as they entered the room by our volunteers.

Then it was time to eat.  But first a special prayer was given for the families and volunteers.  We then began to serve and the guests were all smiles (so were the volunteers!) and everyone was thankful to receive this gift of food.   Approximately 200 meals were served.  The guests were very happy and satisfied.  We received numerous compliments on the food.  I can’t tell you how many people came up and told me how thankful they were that we were there serving the community.

Just as everyone was finishing their meal, Mr. & Mrs. Clause arrived and lit up the room.  You can imagine the reaction from the children.  They were all excited and you could see all the parents were smiling.   I witnessed many photos being taken to cherish the moment with Santa and Mrs. Clause.

As the event wound down, there was such a feeling of community and peace in the room.  The smiles were contagious.  I had the opportunity to observe the volunteers and families and it was clear they too couldn’t stop beaming.

I would like to say a special thanks again to all those who attended, your presence made all the difference!   I thought it was one of the best Food For Friends serving events at San Miguel.  We had a full house and so many smiles!  It was amazing.  The serving event was a HUGE SUCCESS!

For pictures of this event, head over to our Facebook page and check out the 2015Dec05 San Miguel Album