Champion Logistics fills 50 Blue Bags for Thanksgiving!

This article was submitted by Stephanie Novy,  Special Projects/Expedited Manager/IACSC, Champion Logistics Group.

In October, signs went up all over the building at Champion Logistics announcing that the company was participating in a food drive to fill 50 Food for Friends Blue Bags for Thanksgiving.  Our two organizations would partner with the City of Northlake to provide Thanksgiving dinners to dozens of Northlake families.

I have always participated in Champion Logistic’s charitable efforts, and this time was no exception. I immediately signed up for the Saturday pack out and donated money to ensure that there would be enough food.  As the weeks went by, I was thrilled to see the email updates showing us getting closer to and finally meeting our goal.  I also went to the Food for Friends website and was impressed by the number of events and programs they are involved in. I felt that Champion Logistics had chosen well.

2016nov19-bbag-champion-logistics18On Saturday, November 19th, all the Champion Logistic volunteers came together to pack the Blue Bags. Sorting and stacking the items for the pack out put this project into perspective. Champion Logistics, with help from their generous employees, had collected hundreds of food items over the last month. These items include vegetables, fruits, turkey, desserts and more.  Seeing all the food laid out we all began to realize that fifty families were going to have a much happier Thanksgiving due to our efforts.

Before we began the process of putting food into the Blue Bags, Dan Herzog, President of the Food For Friends organization, spoke to us.   Dan explained the history of the organization and all the things Food for Friends does throughout the year to help those in need.  As I listened to him speak, it brought the enormity of the issue of hunger home to me.  I was moved to tears as I realized the importance of this organization, the amazingly generous spirit of its founders and all the support they receive from donors and volunteers.

As we all began the process of packing the food into the Blue Bags, I felt tremendous pride that Champion Logistics was sponsoring this event.  In addition to collecting all the food and packing the Blue Bags, as a company we also raised an additional $1,000.  That money is going directly to the Food for Friends organization which will use it for their Shopping Program and to provide meals at other events throughout the year.

2016nov19-bbag-champion-logistics01I left Champion Logistics that day with mixed emotions. I was saddened that hunger and homelessness is still as prevalent in a country as prosperous as ours, but also felt the joy that only comes from giving to others.

On Thanksgiving morning, I always take a few quiet moments before the hubbub of the day starts to think about all the reasons I have to be thankful. I added Food for Friends to that list this year. I was thankful for not only for all the wonderful meals they provide and joy that they bring, but because they reminded me that every little bit counts, and every small action is appreciated.

I know now that Food for Friends is an organization that feels compelled to give back to a community that has given them so much. Through the donation of time, money and other resources, Food for Friends has given these people the gifts of hope, faith and love. Champion Logistics is truly grateful to be part of such generosity.


Stephanie Novy

Special Projects/Expedited Manager/IACSC
Champion Logistics Group



Editor:    You can see pictures from our Blue Bag distribution for the Champion Logistics event on our Facebook page photo album “2016Nov19 – Champion Logistics – Blue Bags“.  Learn more about Champion Logistics at their website: