50 Thanksgiving Blue Bags bags distributed to Cristo Redentor in Elgin!

On November 19th, we gave 50 Blue Bags to Christ Redeemer Church in Elgin.  We would like to thank Pastor Eddie Rivera, Christ Redeemer Church (Iglesia Cristo Redentor) for submitting the following article.


2016nov19-bbags-at-christ-redeemer01Once gain we like thank you, Food for Friends and all donors for sharing the wonderful give.  Iglesia Cristo Redentor was able to bless 50 families that will have a great thanksgiving this holiday season.

I like to share few stories and a couple of pictures that are attached.

We learned of a family that recently lost their jobs, both parents are sick at the moment and did not have the bear basic necessities for them and their handicapped child thanks to Food for friends they will have  a thanksgiving meal on their table.

Another family have their house in foreclosure by the bank an then again due to your donations this thanksgiving they will have a little more to be thankful for in the mist of their difficult times.

Another lady became a young widow recently, she and her children expressed great gratitude after receiving one of the groceries bag distributed.

Last one, a family lost their only job last week, just before thanksgiving, they also received a groceries for thanksgiving dinner and one more reason to be thankful.

I am sure there is a lot more, but this is what was shared with me.

Once a gain, thank you for providing and facilitating this event. I will try to share d

Blessings to you and family at Food for Friends.


Eddie Rivera

Pastor,  Christ Redeemer Church (Iglesia Cristo Redentor)



Editors Note:  For pictures from this Blue Bag distribution event, see the November 19th Christ Redeemer photo album on Facebook!