Food For Friends Receives “Partnership of the Year” Award From Fellowship Housing

On February 25, 2017 about 20 Food For Friends volunteers attended the annual Fellowship Housing Gala event.  At the event, Pam Orr, Executive Director of the Fellowship Housing organization, presented our Board with the “Partnership of the Year” award.

2017Feb25 - FFF - FH Gala 02

Fellowship Housing is an independent, 501c3 non-profit organization that serves the needs of single moms and their children who are homeless or one small crisis away from homelessness. The mission of Fellowship Housing is to demonstrate Christ-like love by serving single moms and their children through a two year transitional housing program that focuses on accountability and a path to independence.  It truly is an amazing organization that does wonderful work with single moms and their families.  And we at Food For Friends are honored to be a partner to the work that they do.  Read more about Fellowship Housing at their website here.

Here in Pam’s own words is how she presented the award that night.

2017Feb25 - FFF - FH Gala 03“And now, it is my pleasure to introduce Food for Friends as this year’s Tony Navitsky Partner of the Year recipient. Food for Friends was founded in 1994. It is an entirely volunteer-led organization whose mission is to feed the hungry in the Chicagoland area while introducing them to the love of Jesus.  They have grown to the point that last year alone they had over 400 volunteers that fed close to 4000 people at 20 different events.

Food For Friends has partnered with Fellowship Housing over the past 11 years in two primary ways…first, they have provided our moms with all the elements needed for a Thanksgiving meal, including a turkey. Second, Food for Friend’s shopping program pairs a volunteer with one of our moms who takes her grocery shopping, often providing assistance with meal planning and couponing. Over the course of multiple trips, Food For Friends provides $1200 in groceries for our mom. During the months she is working with Food For Friends, our moms are able to leverage money that would have been spent on groceries toward paying off more debt and increasing her savings. Over 70 of Fellowship Housing moms have benefited from the shopping program since our partnership began.

The heart of this volunteer organization is their volunteers. Tonight we have 20 of them with us. Please stand. At this time, I would like to invite Dan Herzog, Food For Friends founder and one of our favorite Food For Friends volunteers, Christina Chacon forward to accept the Tony Navitsky Partner of the Year Award.”

From left: Pam Orr, Christina Chacon, Dan Herzog, and John Opsahl

From left: Pam Orr, Christina Chacon, Dan Herzog, and John Opsahl

With that Dan and Christina were called up to the stage and they both accepted the award on behalf of all of our volunteers, donors and “Friends”. Dan gave a quick acceptance speech, highlighting some of our key programs and accomplishments.  Christina, who leads the Fellowship Housing shopping program on behalf of the Food For Friends board said “Thank you Fellowship Housing for the opportunity to partner with you. We are blessed to have the resources and amazing volunteers available to continue to offer the shopping program and provide meal boxes to the moms. These moms are so deserving of this support, just knowing that for that short period they can count on food for their families without any worries. This is truly an amazing blessing! If you’d like to join us in partnering with Fellowship Housing, we are always looking for volunteers to accompany a mom shopping. Thank you again for naming us Partner of the Year.”

It truly was a wonderful evening and we are honored to be working with such a wonderful non-profit organization like Fellowship Housing.

More pictures from the event can be found on our Facebook page.