Serving Event Recap: Easter meal at H.E.L.P.S. Ministry

This article was written by Christina Chacon, Board Member, Food For Friends

20170415 HELPS Easter Dinner 8Food For Friends partnered with H.E.L.P.S Ministry on Saturday, April 15, 2017 for our annual Easter celebration.  It was a beautiful sunny morning.  The caterer (and our partner of several years), Lee ‘n Eddies, delivered and arranged the food for the event.   

We served about 70 guests and 15 of these were new to the H.E.L.P.S Ministry.

We were blessed with 8 volunteers, which were amazing, given that it was Easter!  The meal was served family style, with dishes consisted of lemon chicken, pasta, meatballs, mashed potatoes, and veggies.  The food filled the hall with great smells and was very delicious.  One of the popular dishes was the meatballs… the guest couldn’t get enough of those meatballs!!

You could just tell that all the guest were so appreciative of the meal. In fact, one of the new guests, walked in to the aroma of the food and explained, “I’m hungry”!!   My faced delighted knowing that we would be satisfying her hunger.  Shortly after this guest sat down, I saw Pastor Angelo head over to her table and began praying with this guest.   My heart was moved, now only did we feed her stomach, but we fed her soul.

After everyone was served and finished having seconds, the volunteers had the opportunity to sit and enjoy the meal with the guests.   We had wonderful conversations.  The atmosphere was very happy with music and even some dancing.  Even thought a few guests were down on their luck, you could tell that after a meal and a moment of prayer, they left with a smile.

We prepared about 30 to go containers for guest to take home.  We received several gestures of gratitude.

At the end of the day, after several hours of serving you can’t avoid to wonder and hope that our presence serving the St. Charles community touched the guest in one way or another.

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