July 15, 2017 Mobile Food Pantry: Serving Event Recap

LZ mobile pantry 5On July 15th Food For Friends sponsored The Chapel of Lake Zurich’s July Mobile Food Pantry for the 4th year in a row!!

By all counts we helped to serve at 146 families in need during this summer’s Mobile Food Pantry event.   And while the weather in the summer months is so much nicer than in the colder months, we still see many people in need of a meal and groceries… no matter what the temperature.

The 146 families that came resulted in somewhere around 450 total guests that visited this event.  They all received a meal, smiles and hope, thanks to all the volunteers who came to support this event.  In addition to the meal, each family took home groceries to stock their kitchen cabinets and everyone took home warm feelings of love and support they received from all the volunteers.

It takes close to 100 volunteers to pull off a Mobile Food event like this.   Many of those volunteers came from the Lake Zurich Chapel community, but an equal number came from the army of Food For Friends volunteers.   These volunteers gave us some of their valuable time on a Saturday morning in the middle of the summer.  However, they left the event with warm feelings of their own, knowing they had made an impact on the lives of so many people.

Thanks to our sponsors, donors and supporters who make events like this possible as we continue to look for new ways to nourish both stomachs and souls across Chicagoland.

Please consider joining us at one of our future Mobile Pantry events with The Chapel of Lake Zurich.   For more information on these Mobile Pantry events, please get in touch with Ken Rasbid via info@FoodforFriends.org

For more pictures from this event, please see the photo album from this event posted on our Facebook page.