November 3, 2018 Mobile Food Pantry at The Chapel Church of Lake Zurich a Success!

On November 3 2018, Food For Friends sponsored beverages & a meal to be served at one of our Mobile Food Pantry serving events, hosted by The Chapel Church of Lake Zurich, IL, and supported by numerous Food For Friends volunteers.
The weather was crisp as the bite of winter began to take hold in the Chicagoland area, but the cloudy sky was replaced by the hope and security our guests received by way of the groceries provided.  Over 200 families attended the event, along with 75 spirited volunteers who made the day special through their enthusiasm and care for their neighbors.  It was especially wonderful to see so many high school students participating and leading our guests through out the day.
As part of the day, guests were invited into the auditorium to enjoy warm beverages and a light breakfast snack provided by Food For Friends. They also were able to do some shopping for clothes and toys that were donated by the generous members at The Chapel Lake Zurich.  During this time, our volunteers invested time to connect relationally with the guests, and with each other in hopes of building a stronger support network.  Once the truck arrived, guests were partnered with a leader to push the shopping cart around the Northern IL Food Bank truck and select their preferred groceries.  In all, 202 families received approximately 8,000 meals worth of food to help support the household size of 665.  Of those, there were 324 children supported.
Through our support of these Mobile Food Pantries, Food For Friends helps families take the money they would have spent on groceries and use it to pay other bills, like clothing, housing costs or utilities.  Volunteers left that day knowing they had helped to make a huge impact on the lives of others by providing more than just food.  Food For Friends is thankful for the support and partnership with The Chapel of Lake Zurich and the Northern Illinois Food Bank.  We continue to build on our relationship in finding new ways to bring hope and light into people’s lives through time spent in providing food to those in need.
Check out all the photos from this event on Facebook at our photo album 03Nov2018 – MFP at The Chapel Church of Lake Zurich