Blue Bags Event at Christ Redeemer Church in Elgin

On November 176th, we partnered with  Christ Redeemer Church in Elgin on a Blue Bag event.  Volunteers assembled 120 Blue Bags, which were then distributed to needy families in surrounding communities.For pictures from this Blue Bag distribution event, see the November 17th Christ Redeemer photo album on Facebook!

On November 16, 2018 Food For Friends gave 70 Blue Bags to Christ Redeemer Church in Elgin.










For one of the blue bag events we have supported this past week, Food For Friends partnered with volunteers from Christ Redeemer church in Elgin to assemble 120 Blue Bags with Turkeys.  This year children wrote Happy Thanksgiving cards which were included in the Blue Bags…. this will be a special message to those receiving the Blue Bags.

The blue bags were distributed on Saturday, Nov 17 to 120 families in Elgin, Hoffman Estates, St. Charles, and other nearby cities.

A special thanks to 1) Raul Villegas for coordinating the assembly of the blue bags, 2) Martin Cervantes for picking up and delivering the turkeys to various locations and 3) Ben Opsahl for participating in the distribution of blue bags.

70 of those Blue Bags were distributed by Christ Redeemer Church directly to local families in their Elgin community.   We would like to thank Pastor Eddie Rivera, Christ Redeemer Church (Iglesia Cristo Redentor) for submitting the following article, which provides some personal stories of families that benefit from the work we do at Food For Friends. For pictures from this Blue Bag distribution event, see the November 16th Christ Redeemer photo album on Facebook!


Hello Food for Friends!

Thanks again for another wonderful year event. Iglesia Cristo Redentor of Elgin was able to distribute 70 turkeys and groceries to local family plus the ones assembled by Iglesia Cristo Redentor of Elgin and taken by Food For Friends to other area ministries.

Once again volunteers were very excited and had a wonderful time putting together the 120 blue bags.

Here are some stories.

One family came to the Elgin area displased by natural disaster early in the year. Thanks to Food For Friends and Iglesia Cristo Redentor of Elgin they will have a little more to be thankful for this thanksgiving.

One neighbor had a stroke few month ago and his work hours were reduce to medical requirements of light duty. This thanksgiving they will not have to worry about putting food in the table.

Raul when to reach out to a family and learned their thanksgiving plans had broke due to unforeseen circumstances. The family did have had plans to celebrate thanksgiving this year, but by their own statement in tears, she said “We will be fine now thank you”

Thank you to all that participated in this project from Food for Friend board members and the volunteers that pick up the food.

Days like this today, seeing the smile of families blessed, is what keeps us going fulfilling our calling to serve other.

Attached are some pictures of the event showing the actual food delivery, some children making cards, and the Iglesia Cristo Redentor Elgin volunteers team with some families receiving  the Blue Bags bags.

Thank You!

Pastor Eddie Rivera
Iglesia Cristo Redentor Elgin

Editor’s note: For pictures from this Blue Bag distribution event, see the November 17th Christ Redeemer photo album on Facebook!