Food For Friends and HELPS partner to deliver 20 Thanksgiving meals to needy families

On November 16th, we delivered 20 turkeys and Blue Bags to the HELPS Ministry in St. Charles. The Thanksgiving meals were delivered to families in need throughout the St. Charles area.   Below find writups from three volunteers who participated in this serving event for HELPS.  Terina Erb provided an article for us to post below.  After Terina’s article we also have a posted a nice Thank You  note sent in by Joshua, who volunteered his time to deliver the Thanksgiving turkeys and Blue Bags.  Finally, find a note from Bethany Byars who also volunteered time at this event.  Thank you Terina, Joshua and Bethany for sending these nice notes in to us! To see some pictures of this event, please go to the 2018Nov17 HELPS album on our Facebook Page


Each year it’s a blessing to hand out the Thanksgiving meals provided by Food For Friends. We go to bless the families, and yet, they seem to bless us with their happiness and gratitude in receiving this gift.

This year a woman who lost her apartment in a fire hugged me tightly and thanked me. The money she had went to a deposit on a new place to live. No money left for Thanksgiving. Now her kids will have a Thanksgiving this year. They definitely have a lot to be thankful for this year!

I also saw an elderly man go through his bag with a smile. And then watched him clutch a home made Thanksgiving card that said “Jesus coming soon.” I could tell he was thinking about what that card said. He was very happy with being thought of in more ways than just food. How can I not be blessed seeing what these gifts mean to the grateful who receive them. Wow! God is so so good.

Thank you Food For Friends for this outreach.

Terina Erb
HELPS volunteer


Dear Food For Friends:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bless others with the food that you have provided. It is good to work together for a common cause such as giving a Thanksgiving meal to someone who might not be able to afford it.

My favorite part was, after dropping off the food, leaving knowing that there was one less family that had to worry about missing out on Thanksgiving.

I hope that we can continue to work together and blessing others in many other ways.

HELPS volunteer



Dear Food For Friends…

I think my experience with handing out turkeys to people in need was very heartwarming. Not just because it was cold out, but because seeing their faces light up as they receive food for their family and friends on Thanksgiving.

It really made me think of how thankful I should be, for the meal I get to share with family and friends that I get to spend time with on the holidays.

I’m truly thankful for getting that opportunity to serve.

Bethany Byars
HELPS volunteer