Food For Friends volunteers serve a very thankful HELPS Thanksgiving dinner

On November 22, 2018  Food For Friends and Lee N Eddies catering joined together as sponsors for a Thanksgiving meal at the HELPS Ministry in St. Charles. We provided a meal for 125 guests and about 30 volunteers. At this event a volunteer is assigned to each table to carve a turkey, so the emphasis is on more intimate serving and relationship building. This was the first time serving a meal in their smaller building. They had a great turnout as you will see by the pictures on our Facebook Album at 2018Nov22 – HELPS.    The following is an article submitted by Terina Erb a HELPS and Food For Friends Volunteer.  Thanks Terina for the article and the great pictures.


Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!!! What an amazing Thanksgiving!

I was worried about the event being in our smaller building. The volunteers were sent from Yahweh Himself. They were perfect. I showed them where everything they needed was and they went to work. The building was beautiful by the time they were done. What was even more beautiful was their love. I have never seen a group of volunteers so eager to serve – even the younger ones.

The younger ones were not intimidated at all by the homeless or strangers. They jumped in and didn’t want to stop. One young lady asked me what she could do and I directed her toward a man that was sitting alone – he was formerly homeless and from another country. I could see the excitement in her eyes as she said “o.k.” and quickly went to be a friend to someone who was alone. She sat and listened and talked with him as he ate. Many volunteers said this was their first serving event – I couldn’t tell. It must be in their heart to automatically serve. The young volunteers wanted to do many jobs – and they did. They ran food and drinks, cotton candy, and popcorn to all the guests.

The older volunteers were great in communicating together to get things done (especially when I was running around trying to help someone with something else.) It’s as though we all have been doing this together for years. I appreciated their patience and their suggestions also.

Guests started arriving around 1:20 p.m. and some didn’t leave until the next day (a few homeless who didn’t have a place to sleep that night.)  We had many new faces and didn’t see some old faces. A few people who didn’t have any family joined us and had a great time laughing with others as they ate. One gentleman, after eating, fell asleep in his chair.

Even though they didn’t have to, some homeless asked to help clear tables and put the tables and chairs back into the other building before being driven back to where they wanted to go.

Everyone worked together. Everyone was thankful. Yahweh is very very good!

Thank you Food For Friends for blessing others.

Terina Erb
HELPS and Food For Friends Volunteer