Recap of Music Box Foundation’s “Friendsgiving” Dinner

On November 17, 2018, Food For Friends participated as a partner for a Thanksgiving event thrown by the Music Box Foundation.  The article below was submitted by Beverly Lloyd, Secretary, Music Box Foundation..  For more pictures of the event, see our Facebook Album titled 2018Nov17 Music Box..

Food For Friends partnered with the Music Box Foundation to provide a meal for over 150 people on November 17, 2018

Food For Friends partnered with Music Box Foundation for a Thanksgiving event held at the Fire station at 6843 South Harper during the afternoon of November 17, 2018.

There were more than 150 guests from all over the community and surrounding areas that came out to feast on the magnificent dinner. The meal consisted of turkey, dressing, pasta, greens, sweet potatoes, jello and fresh dinner rolls.   We had youth, adults, veterans and seniors guests. Everyone had a great time.  Some stayed and some guests took their plate with them. Thanks to Food For Friends partner, Lee N Eddies Catering, for providing the meal for this event.   The meal was delicious and tasty.

For entertainment, there were performances from Music Box Foundation Community Band as well as Senior Line Dancers.   Everyone enjoyed the dancing and some even participated.

Also in attendance were dignitaries from the Mayors office, CPD and guests from WGN Television.  Everyone had a great time and was very pleased and thankful for the meal.

Overall the event was a success.  Music Box Foundation is grateful for the partnership.

Best Regards,

Beverly Lloyd
Secretary, Music Box Foundation

About The Music Box Foundation:  The Music Box Foundation is a nonprofit organization that believes all children, no matter where they live, where they go to school, or what special needs they may have, deserve to have a music education.  The Music Box Foundation believes that music has the power to unify and strengthen our communities and provide inspiration and purpose to our youth. The Music Box Foundation believes that music can ignite a passion for learning, keep children off the streets, and provide an exciting and lucrative career path. The Music Box Foundation hopes to empower all students and their communities with the tools and resources to explore, understand, use, and create music.