Event Recap: July 6 at The Annex Hotel

Thanks to Christina Chacon, Food For Friends Board Member, who sent in the following article providing a recap of the July 6, 2019 event at The Annex Hotel in Chicago. For more pictures from this event, go to our album on Facebook titled 2019July06 – Annex Hotel

On Saturday, July 6, 2019, Food For Friends volunteers arrived at the Annex Hotel bright and early to serve a meal to 100+ men.

The Annex Hotel provides reasonably priced housing for men in need.  Many of the men stay at local shelters most of the time, but when they can afford to do so, they choose to stay at the Annex.  The Annex, unlike the shelters, provides the men with their own rooms and because of that the men enjoy some privacy.

To  get things started, the Food For Friends volunteers prepped the serving area for the meal catered by Lee ‘n Eddies.   The meal consisted of fried chicken, hot dogs, bratwurst, mac and cheese, bags of chips, slices of fresh watermelon, strawberry jello and fudge brownies. Once ready to serve, we opened the trays and the smell of the food was delightful.

A man was eager to bless the meal and the volunteers for their time.  The men began forming a line at the back of the room against the windows. The volunteers greeted the men with smiles while plating the food.  In return, the guests smiled back and were so thankful.   The men then sat down, ate their meal and enjoyed conversations with others.

A couple of men, after finishing their meal, came back to personally thank each volunteer for their time.

Special thank you to our volunteers (Barb, Karen, Joe, and Naela) for the time they spend here at the Annex Hotel.   Your gift of your time is special to these men.   The event was successful and we all owe you a big thank you for taking the time to serve.

In closing, a big thanks is also in order to our strategic partner Lee and Eddies https://www.leeneddies.com for catering this serving event.