Event Recap: 25th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner at Pacific Garden Mission

Food For Friends have been serving a Thanksgiving meal at Pacific Garden Mission since 1994

On Wednesday, November 27th, 103 Food For Friends volunteers carved out a portion of their day to serve a warm, delicious fully trimmed Thanksgiving dinner to well over 700 of our “Friends” at the Pacific Garden Mission at 1458 S. Canal Street, Chicago, IL.

The volunteers all enjoy this event and look forward to it every year. Many volunteers have been coming and serving with friends and family to PGM as an annual tradition – some for more than 20 years! They all enjoy the opportunity to connect and give hope to homeless men and women.

Serving a Thanksgiving meal at Pacific Garden Mission is a tradition Dan Herzog started way back in 1994. Our “Friends” at Pacific Garden Mission represent homeless and under-resourced men and women who came to the annual dinner hungry and in need of a meal.  These are people who are in search of a change in their life and many of them experience that change through the wonder of the Pacific Garden Mission.

This year, Food For Friends served hundreds of homeless and under-resourced men, women and children a hot Thanksgiving meal of turkey, dressing, stuffing, gravy, mixed veggies, sweet potatoes prepared with love from Dan Veles from Lee and Eddy’s Catering.   The hard working Food For Friends volunteers cut up and served over 120 pies. Ice cream was donated and served by Culvers restaurants out of Franklin Park.  Coffee, juice and water were also served to all the guests.  We owe so many thanks to our partners for these donations of food and services.

The guests were all very thankful!  They were smiling as they entered the room and many could be heard saying Happy Thanksgiving to our volunteers who were greeting them as they arrived.   Throughout the serving event there were spontaneous laughter and clapping from the guests as they enjoyed their meals.  As they left, there were more smiles and “Happy Thanksgivings” by all.   Many of them could be heard commenting on how great the food and volunteers were.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and donors for making this serving event (and all we do at other events) successful.

For pictures from this event, please see our album on our Facebook page ”2019Nov27 Pacific Garden Mission Thanksgiving“.