Grocery Distribution for Fellowship Housing Moms – April 18

These are interesting times for everyone and while we are adapting to this new normal of social distancing and face coverings we really miss our normal events that provide a much needed service to those less fortunate.  

During this crisis, our thoughts often turn to the single moms in the Fellowship Housing program. These moms are trying so hard to turn their lives around and provide a better life for their children. We can help them stay focused on their journey, right?

So, last weekend, in an effort to provide some relief, happiness and peace of mind to the single moms and their children in the Fellowship Housing program, Food For Friends provided some much needed assistance in the form of groceries.  

Food For Friends volunteer Joan Richards “served” 19 Fellowship Housing moms with a box of groceries on Saturday, April 18, 2020

On Saturday, April 18, 2020, Food For Friends provided 19 boxes of dry, canned goods along with some fresh vegetables and a frozen chicken to the mothers and children in the Fellowship Housing program.  The moms were asked to show up at a specific time to receive their box of groceries. In order to minimize the risk to the families we were serving, all boxes were assembled in advance and placed on the sidewalk for curbside pickup at the Fellowship Housing location.

As the moms showed up, we took extra care and caution in the distribution of the boxes and loaded them in the trunks. We kept a social distance from one another and were still able to see the gratitude of the families in the cars.  

The moms stayed in their cars and they all thanked us. They shared some challenges they are facing with this new normal lifestyle and how grateful they are for the grocery assistance.  

Picture shows an example of the grocery items we had in each of the 19 boxes

Those of us planning and participating in this event experienced so much joy and happiness knowing we were doing a small part to help keep these moms and their children moving forward on rebuilding their lives in a positive way. With the continued support of our sponsors and donors, we hope to continue this effort next month on May 16.

A special thank you to Joan Richards for picking up, delivering and distributing the 19 boxes of groceries. We appreciate your thoughtfulness, time and leadership in helping us reach and serve the moms in the Fellowship Housing program.   

Do you have a creative idea on how Food For Friends can serve those less fortunate during this awful pandemic? Let us know by sending us an email to