June 12 & 13 – Food Distribution Event with the Chicago P.D.

On Friday and Saturday, June 12 & 13, Food For Friends partnered with the Chicago Police Department(CPD) to distribute 300 blue bags to Chicago. The following article was sent in by Joan Richards, Food For Friends Lead Volunteer. More pictures from this event can be found on our Facebook page at the album titled “2020-06-12 Blue Bag distribution event with Chicago P.D.

Food For Friends (FFF) volunteers arrived at Greater Harvest Church 5141 S State Street on Friday, June 12 to find a mountain of boxes that had been donated by a variety of local entities and intended to serve the seniors in this south area.  Only one store is open in the area, creating a food desert locally, and seniors were getting desperate.  

Volunteers filled 250 Food For Friends Blue Bags… then distributed them to those in need.

FFF volunteers with the CPD and the Greater Harvest Church volunteers jumped in, organized an assembly line, and quickly filled to the brim 250 FFF Blue Bags and an additional bag of dry goods. FFF donated 200 hams to add more protein to the bags.  Additionally, local companies had donated bread, personal care items,  canned drinks, cheese cake and polish sausages.  

On Saturday, volunteers continued to organize bags and prepare for distribution.  The bags were delivered to 20 senior homes, serving 192 seniors’ got personal deliveries from the FFF and other volunteers.  In addition, individual seniors who had contacted CPD for help got personal deliveries.  Also, additional bags of food were packed and delivered to Claras Village and the Chicago Housing Authority, serving low-income families with children.  It was a beautiful experience and some seniors started crying and were so thankful that they could stay home and be safe.  

Even in these dark times, there are opportunities to give God’s blessings to those in need and fill our own souls.  

Thank you to all the volunteers that carved out some time to serve.

Joan Richards, Food For Friends Lead Volunteer

The following note was sent in by Dan Herzog, Food For Friends Founder and President

***Special thank you to all the volunteers that attended and made this event a big success.  A very special thank you to Joan for leading this event on behalf of Food For Friend and Faleesa for leading on behalf of the Chicago Police Dept.  Also, a big thank you to Food For Friends volunteers Joan, Keith, Karen, and Rebecca for attending Friday and Saturday.

Blessings to All –

Dan Herzog, President Food For Friends.