Food For Friends Connects Two Friends

We recently received the following email from Steve Wiser, pastor of a church in a small community near Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Steve had contacted us to see if we could help him locate his friend who was staying at the Ewing Annex Hotel.

Dear Food For Friends!

I found Food Friends in a unique way.  I had been calling Ewing Annex Hotel every week since February to see how my friend from Nigeria, Aniekan Bassey, was doing, during this time of Covid Pandemic. 

Normally, I would receive a report about his condition every week.  Then one day in early May I tried calling the Annex hotel, but consistently got no signal at all.  After a number of days of this I became concerned, as there was no way I could contact Aniekan. 

Aniekan and Steve Wiser picking sweet corn for the local soup kitchen near Uniontown, PA

Finally I searched the Web for any information about the Ewing Annex Hotel in Chicago. Right away I found an article about Food for Friends providing meals for  the Annex. 

The article and website included a contact email, so I sent off an email hoping for some type of reply. Within an hour I received an answer from Dan Herzog and then from Christina Chacon.  They immediately looked into the situation and found that the phone at the Annex was out of order.  

The following weekend (on May 16) Food For Friends provided a boxed lunch to the men at the Annex.  During that serving event, they also found out, much to my delight, that my friend Aniekan was doing well.  They even sent me a short video clip of Aniekan himself enjoying the boxed lunch.  I was very grateful for their prompt assistance and informing me that Aniekan was OK.

As a followup, this July our community decided to bring Aniekan to our Church near Uniontown, southwest PA.  This we did, to the joy of all concerned! I’ve included a photo of us in the cornfields picking corn for our local soup kitchen.

So thanks again to our friends at Food for Friends! 

Steve Wiser