Ewing Annex Hotel – December 19, 2020

The following email came from Barbara Gaona, a long-time volunteer with Food For Friends. We would like to thank Barbara for volunteering her time and for sending in this article

Food For Friends provided a holiday meal to the men at the Ewing Annex Hotel in Chicago. The Annex is the last standing single occupancy housing for men in transition in Chicago.

It was a feel-good serving, as usual, today December 19, 2020. I enjoyed the event so much, this is one of my favorite places to serve.

The Ewing Annex Hotel is at 426 S Clark St, Chicago, IL 60605

We decided to distribute the meal inside as it was too cold outside. Mike Bush (of Ewing Annex Hotel) set up a couple of tables inside in a room where the meal was distributed. We developed a plan where we would only have 5-10 come in to get their meal at a time.

The holiday meal was catered by Lee ‘n Eddies and delivered by owner, Dan Veles. A few men from the hotel helped Dan Veles bring the boxed lunches and bottled water to the serving room. Once the food was set up and we were ready to distribute the meals, a resident lifted us in prayer. Thanks to Dan, who stayed for the entire event to assist with the serve. Mike also was a big help by distributing the water bottles and making sure everyone had a mask.

The men had a choice of delicious sliced Turkey or Spiral Ham which included fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn this completed the meals. The men also received a box that had a roll, butter, napkin, utensils and cookie. They really enjoyed the meals and were very appreciative!! As the men picked up the food there was alot of conversation, laughter, and holiday good wishes. They then took their food back to their rooms to eat.

Thanks once again to our partner, Lee N Eddies Catering, for providing the food for this event.   

We look forward to returning soon for our next event at the Annex!

Barbara Gaona, FFF Volunteer