Fellowship Housing Holiday Blue Bags – December 19, 2020

The following email came from Christina Chacon, Board Member – Food For Friends. For more pictures from this event, go to our album on Facebook titled 2020-12-19 Fellowship Housing Holiday Blue Bags 

On Saturday, Dec 19, Food for Friends distributed holiday Blue Bags to the Fellowship Housing families.

In the past years, we have partnered with Fellowship Housing to host a Christmas party for the families. Due to the pandemic we had to improvise in order to provide a safe event for all. Thus, we switched the event to a contactless drive through event and distributed holiday Blue Bags filled with food items instead.

Fellowship Housing moms received a Blue Bags were filled with numerous food items as well as a frozen Turkey

Prior to the event, all the food items were purchased. These items were then brought to the site and we assembled the Blue Bags on site. The Blue Bags were filled with canned goods, Mac n cheese, boxed mashed potatoes, granola bars, fruit cups, hot chocolate and corn bread mix.

The weather cooperated nicely for the drive thru distribution. As the moms approached the parking lots they were instructed to have a name tag on the dashboard and windows rolled up to minimize the contact. Once we identified the mom, we had her pop open her trunk. We then loaded a Turkey and blue bag filled with food into her trunk. That is how contactless serving works!

Additionally some of the moms were picking up Christmas gifts coordinated by Fellowship Housing staff.

The recipients were happy and so grateful. We got to see so many smiling faces through the car windows. And we even received a couple of hugs in sign language! It was obvious that we were making an impact in the lives of these families.

In summary, it was such a great event.

A special thank you to Enza for her involvement especially for picking up and delivering the frozen turkeys.

Christina Chacon, Board Member – Food For Friends


Fellowship Housing is an independent, non-profit organization that provides safe and affordable housing and financial training to single moms and their children. The organization empowers single moms to transition from financial crisis to long-term stability. https://www.fhcmoms.org/