Richard Edwards Elementary School – December 19, 2020

The following email came to us from Karen Vargas, a long-time volunteer with Food For Friends. We would like to thank Karen for all her volunteer hours she has given for Food For Friends serving events. We would also like to thank Sesajal and Columbus Vegetable Oils who helped sponsor this event. And thanks also to the Chicago Rugby Club for assembling all the Blue Bags for this event. For more pictures from this event, go to our album on Facebook titled 2020-12-19 Richard Edwards Elementary School 

On Saturday, December 19th, Food For Friends distributed Blue Bags and a turkey to the families of Richard Edwards Elementary. Richard Edwards Elementary is located at 4815 S. Karlov Ave.
in the Archer Heights neighborhood in Chicago.

We had the opportunity to distribute holiday Blue Bags to 35 families identified by teachers and staff at Richard Edwards Elementary as families who were in significant need of assistance at this time.

Volunteers from Food For Friends helped distribute 35 turkeys and Blue Bags to families in need in Archer Heights, Chicago.

With the help of the school’s staff, we set up a few tables in front of the school, put on our masks, and waited for families to arrive. During our conversations with the school’s staff members they all shared that the turkeys and Blue Bags were a blessing for the families of their students. 

As the event progressed, most families walked to the school to pick up our gift to them. As they took possession of their Blue Bag and turkey, they each shared their gratitude for Food For Friends and for the staff and volunteers who gave their time for this event.

A few families did drive their car to the event. One family displayed a Merry Christmas poster on their car windshield and shared how grateful they were to receive food in these difficult times. 

Special thanks to Mr. Raul Bermejo, the school principal, who picked up turkeys, the lovely staff that volunteered their time to see and serve their families, and The Chicago Rugby Club that assembled the blue bags a week prior to our event. 

What a lovely event! Merry Christmas to all!


Karen Vargas, Volunteer – Food For Friends