December 19, 2020 House Of Restoration Holiday Event

The following email came from Lucy Gomez, Co-founder – House of Restoration. For more pictures from this event, go to our album on Facebook titled 2020-12-19 House of Restoration 

Food For Friends partnered with House of Restoration for a Christmas Blue Bag Holiday Distribution on Saturday December 19, 2020.

Volunteers organize the 100 Blue Bags and frozen turkeys for the Holiday event at the House of Restoration

Food For Friends provided 100 frozen turkeys and the Blue Bags to the House of Restoration team, which then filled those blue bags with additional food items so the family can make a full holiday meal at home.

More about the event below, but first a little background on us and what we do. House of Restoration, founded in 2001, serves Elgin and the surrounding communities as an important resource to individuals and families experiencing hardship and loss. This includes the homeless community, which we have served by running an emergency winter shelter in the city of Elgin every year.

As the pandemic hit in early 2020, the House of Restoration Community Outreach team began planning in order to meet the high demand that we knew was going to come in from families in need. Throughout 2020, we worked with our strategic partners to secure food, load that food into our 53 ft. trailer, and distribute the food to surrounding communities. We estimate we fed over 10,000 families in 2020. In addition, we worked with community leaders as a resource, helping them provide additional food for for the needy in their community.

Back to our December 19, 2020 holiday serving event. We operated this event as a pickup event with a focus on providing a safe environment both for our volunteers and for those we were serving.

As guests arrived, they were provided a Food For Friends Blue Bag, which was filled with food items donated by House of Restoration. Each family also received a frozen turkey, which was donated by Food For Friends. Families with children also received some gifts for their children, provided through generous donations by our partners

Our volunteers remarked that while everyone was wearing masks, they were were able to see the smiles on their faces

House of Restoration wishes to thank Food For Friends, which always comes through to help make this event successful.

Be bless and a happy new years.

Lucy Gomez, Co-founder – House of Restoration