Event Recap: November 2, 2019 Mobile Food Pantry at The Chapel Church, Lake Zurich

The following article was sent in by Ken Rasbid, Board Member at Food For Friends.

Thank you to all of the awesome volunteers that showed up at our recent MFP on November 2nd.  This group brought an authentic heart to the day and loved on 131 families, who came away with more than groceries as a result.  When someone is broken and somebody is hurting.. we step in… and I’m so proud of this community for jumping into the gap for their neighbors.  Way to go Lake Zurich!

Our next event is scheduled for Saturday, January 11th, so please sign up now to reserve your place and join us in continuing this good work.  Use the following link to sign up for this January 11, 2020 event: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0D4DAAA723AAFD0-mobile30

Invite a friend, grab a family member, or spend time with a neighbor you’ve been meaning to get to know better.  Either way, I encourage you to invest in a relationship as part of this time.  I confidently expect you will find unexpected blessings come as a result.

Thanks for making a difference and look forward to seeing you then!  

Ken Rasbid, Board Member, Food For Friends