Event Recap: Annual Golf Outing – September 8, 2020

Our 17th Annual Golf Outing fundraiser was held on September 8, 2020. It was a rainy day, but we all had fun!! The following is an article submitted by John Opsahl, Board Member at Food For Friends and our long time committee chair of our Golf event. For pictures of this event, see our album on Facebook “2020-09-08 17th Annual Golf Outing

Our 17th Annual Golf Outing fundraiser was held on September 8, 2020. It was a rainy day, but we all had fun!! 

Another year under our golf outing belt and what a year it has been for everyone living on planet earth. Last March the Food For Friends golf committee met to “make the call” and decided to host the 17th annual Food For Friends golf outing, God willing. Although we thought that, if we are being honest, did we really believe that……  the answer would be NO! 

Fast forward 6 months and many iterations of our new reality and we posted out 17th annual golf outing in the record books this past Tuesday, despite the last-minute meetings regarding the looming rain in the forecast and potential cancelling or postponing of the event. Remember what I said earlier, “God willing”. We use that phrase but is it “God willing” or “Us willing”?  

We at Food For Friends have seen time and time again that God is ALWAYS willing, it is Us who in reality are not. 

The event is now in the history books and although most of the golfers only got in 9 holes, the most important part of the event went off without a hitch. God provided clear skies for the presenting of the American flag, the singing of our National Anthem, a 9/11 remembrance and a speech from a single mom from Fellowship Housing]. 

God knows what is ultimately the most important for us, even if we don’t….. it’s connection and hope! When two or more of us gather in His name, He is there (Matt 18:20). God was definitely there this past Tuesday, 9/8/20. He came, He saw, and as usual He conquered the day. With both God’s and your help, we were able to raise over $30,000 which will be used to directly provide food support to all those Food For Friends serves throughout the Chicagoland area. Our mantra remains CONNECT and GIVE HOPE!  Because of your extreme generosity, we can continue to do exactly that. God Bless You!


John Opsahl, Board Member – Food For Friends

Thanks to our 2020 Golf Sponsors

In no particular order, we would to thank our 2020 Golf outing sponsors.

  • Dunbar Systems Inc
  • E.J. Mullins Company
  • Generation Painting Inc.
  • Gonnella Baking Co.
  • AMS Mechanical Systems
  • Base Line Transportation
  • Lang Ice Company
  • The Opsahl Team
  • Stryker Networks, LLC
  • Waterstone Mortgage
  • Columbus Vegetable Oils
  • Badger Murphy
  • Hamilton Partners
  • Daybreak Salon and Spa
  • Hartmann Electric Co
  • Green Bay Packaging
  • Leader Impact / Cru Chgo
  • The Rasbid Family
  • Lesaffre / Red Star Yeast
  • Combined Sales Co.
  • Brolite Products
  • Matrix Sciences
  • Spotnails
  • Lallemand
  • West Cook YMCA
  • PCA
  • Sesajal
  • Bellarise
  • TraceGains