November 21, 2020 Event Recap: Fellowship Housing

On Saturday, Nov. 21 Food For Friends provided the families from Fellowship Housing Program a Thanksgiving Turkey and a Blue Bag.  

The Blue Bags were assembled in advanced and distributed by the Chicago Rugby Club.  These bags contained a frozen turkey, box stuffing, canned vegetables, boxed mashed potatoes, gravy, cake mix, cranberry sauce, yams and Kool-Aid mix.  

The Chicago Rugby Club helped pack and distribute 25 Turkeys and Blue Bags to Fellowship Housing Moms.

In order to minimize the risk of the families, the Blue Bags were distributed via curbside pickup into their car trunks.  Everyone kept safe and socially distanced.  The moms and children were so thankful. 

Here were a few of the comments that we heard from the moms as they picked up their Turkeys and their Blue Bags:  

  • “Thank you so much this means a lot to us and is sooooo helpful” 
  • “Thank you so much I really appreciate Food For Friends, God bless everyone” 
  • “Thank you for thinking of us”

Special thank yous to Barb Gaona and the Chicago Rugby Club for their participation.  This event was very successful because of their involvement.