Event Recap: March 13, 2020 Ewing Annex Hotel

The following article was submitted via email from Food For Friends volunteer Barbara Gaona. Special Thank you Dan Veles for catering and assistance with the set up. And Food For Friends volunteers Barbara Gaona and Nick Johansson they served a total of 120 meals to the men at the hotel. Thanks to Barbara for submitting this article and pictures. For more pictures from this event, go to our album on Facebook titled 2021-03-13 Ewing Annex Hotel 

Barbara provides an overview of Food For Friends and our mission before the men pick up their meals

It was a sunny and beautiful Saturday morning, March 13, approximately one year into the pandemic that has disrupted all of our lives and caused so much hardship.   On this Saturday, Food For Friends ministry continued our ongoing initiative to provide meals to the men at the Ewing Annex Hotel.  The Ewing Annex Hotel is the last standing single-occupancy housing for men in transition in Chicago, IL.  

Lee ‘n Eddies Catering has been our long-term and strategic partner for sourcing our food for our meals at the Ewing Annex Hotel. On this day, Dan Veles, owner of Lee ‘n Eddies Catering, arrived at the hotel with prepackaged Styrofoam containers containing the food we were going to serve .  The boxes of meals were carried upstairs and set up for distribution. 

Once the food was all laid out on tables and ready for serving, the men were greeted and provided a brief history of the ministry.   Then, a man decided to lifted us up in a prayer. We then invited the men to come get their meals.   

The meal consisted of fried chicken, sweet potatoes and vegetables.

In order to minimize the risk of the men and volunteers, the men picked up meals in small groups.  Everyone was required to wear a mask.  As they came up and got their food, there were a few seconds where the volunteers could have a brief interaction with the men. Blessings and thank yous were exchanged during that time.

It was obvious that the men all enjoyed the meal of fried chicken, sweet potatoes and vegetables.  This monthly meal serving is such a treat to the men and they are all so appreciative that we have the resources to provide them with this monthly meal.

We continue to be grateful for the resources and the opportunity to serve these men.  

Barbara Gaona – FFF Volunteer